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VR based Learning platform for investments

Methods - Secondary Research, Survey, Semi-Structured Interviews, Affinity Diagramming, SME Interview, Storytelling, usage of metaphors, Storyboarding, Service Blueprint, Value Proposition, User Flow, UI Design, User Testing


Customer-Centricity in Banks

Based around customer centricity the project was about developing a unique solution for banking and finance that would focus on a specific pain point and user group.


  • To build customer loyalty

  • Meet complex needs and preferences

  • Personalised setup

Idea Overview

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VIA Learning provides a holistic experience of learning about banking through metaphors and stories while helping the customers get the right financial advice based on their goals and needs

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My Role

  • Managing the team

  • Storytelling (forming the story around investments using metaphors)

  • Ideation

  • Storyboarding

  • Secondary and Primary Research

  • Insight and Concept Generation

Our Process

We followed the double diamond framework over the time duration of 6 weeks.

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Secondary Research

Secondary research was done to learn more about financial psychology, customer centricity, CAPCO and banking along with finding about differences in Incumbent and Challenger Banks

Challenger and Incumbent Banks

Group 13871.png

Customer Satisfaction in Challenger Banks ranked higher while people trusted Incumbent Banks more

Financial Psychology

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Problem Area

After the secondary research we finalized our problem area.

Group 13872.png
Group 13872.png
Group 13872.png

Primary Research

Surveys + Interviews

Surveys were conducted for participant recruitment and to test the financial literacy of potential participants. The participants were interviewed based on having low or high financial literacy.

Data Analysis

Affinity Diagramming was used to generate insights.

image 5.png
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Finding 1

Participants take advice from people with high financial knowledge because they trust their financial instinct.

Insight 1

But it is important to learn how to make your decisions and trust your own instinct.

Finding 2

Participants with high financial literacy find it easy to make investments and other financial decisions because they are confident about their financial literacy.

But people with low financial literacy have low confidence as they lack structured financial knowledge and interest.

UX Vision

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Design Principles

We wanted our users to feel the following emotions after using our solution

Group 13873.png

Spent 2 full days on Ideation where we discussed and criticized multiple ideas and thought about their feasibility, viability and desiribility



Crazy 8

Refining Ideas

Idea Evaluation

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Concept Statement

A tailored immersive VR Experience that educates newly employed people about banking and investments which helps them to be more confident in taking financial decisions through visual storytelling.

Visual Storytelling

Why Storytelling ?

Storytelling is the vivid description of ideas, and experiences through stories or narratives that evoke powerful emotions and insights.

Why  Metaphors?

Metaphors enhance understanding as they create emotional connection and engage audience on a deeper level. It also makes memorizing complex information easier.

Group 13874.png
Group 13874.png

Virtual Reality

We looked at some proof of concept and decided that we wanted to create a new reality in the virtual world and not just a digital version of the existing reality


We decided to use VR as a medium for storytelling because it is interactive and can give users an immersive experience and can be an exciting way to learn through personalised experiences.


Group 13876.png

Features of VIA Learning

Group 13877.png

Metaphorical Storytelling

Group 13877.png

Learning from trusted source

Group 13877.png

Personalised learning experience

For the gamified experience the users can choose the experience like transforming a desert into a forest.

Frame 9.png

Service Blueprint

Service Blueprint was designed to map out the total functioning of the service

image 6.png

Back Stage

The AI will build personalized experiences through the inputs that the users give.


The users will be sent push notifications through the app to make them aware about the personalised learning services


They will be asked to fill in an onboarding form which will assess their level of financial literacy and goals


This experience can be accessed through the bank’s mobile app as well as their online website.

User Flow

To create a whole experience from the immersive VR experience to taking real life decisions a user flow of the VR and the banks website/app was created.






I wrote the whole story explaining mutual funds through metaphors. Below is a snippet of the storyboard.

Group 13881.png

To experience the complete story watch the video 'Here'

User Testing



Due to time and knowledge constraint we faced certain limitations

Group 13882.png

Future Development

Some of the ideas for future development of the solution are listed below.

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Group 13883.png
Group 13883.png
Group 13883.png
Group 13883.png

Thank You for reading!

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